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stinkinc's Journal

Let's Get Stinky!
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This is the community for decant circles by nightchylde0 and jessiesquash. Yes we are awe-inspiring, no need to tell us so.

We have a few rules because without rules society as we know it would collapse and you wouldn't want that now would you.

** When we decide to run a decant circle we will post an initial sign up post. Please leave a comment telling us which blends you would like decants of AND the country you are currently residing in and want us to ship to. We will then fill in the slots with your name and you will be one of the awesome ones who get to participate.
** After we have closed sign ups, we will respond to you with your total which includes shipping and a paypal address you can send payment to. After that you have 48 hours to pay unless we have made other arrangements.
** When you send paypal, PLEASE include your LJ username and what you are ordering. If you have not done this, we will have to spend time hunting you down and it will make us want to hurt you. Please don't make us want to hurt you.
** Please don't pay until you are given your total. If a bottle does not fill up we may reevaluate ordering it.
** If you have any questions, concerns or dirty limericks, please contact one of us.
** Be nice to others. Breaking this one will make us REALLY want to hurt you and this time we won't feel bad about it.